What is Eden Energy Medicine?

Eden Energy Medicine is the practice of activating the natural healing energies of the body to improve our overall health, wellbeing and joy in life.  It is most closely related to acupressure, where massaging, holding or tapping energy trigger points is used to gently and safely bring harmony and balance to the client.

It is both a complement to Allopathic (Western) Medicine and other healing approaches, and it is a stand alone system of care.  It emphasizes and empowers self-care. 

It is based on the premise that our physical body is made up of electromagnetic and subtle energies.  When these energies are balanced and flowing properly, vibrant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is possible.  On the contrary, when these energies are blocked or out of balance due to stress, toxins or other interference, we become unhealthy or unbalanced.  When the body’s energies are balanced, its amazing powers for self-healing are activated.

Eden Energy Medicine provides safe and effective techniques and protocols for assessing and balancing 9 energy systems which are known to a variety of ancient traditions (such as Chinese Medicine, Native American teachings, and Yoga):

        •  Meridians   •  Chakras   •  Triple Warmer  •  Aura 
        •  Celtic Weave   •  Five Rhythms (aka Five Elements)
        •  Basic Grid  •  Electrics 
•  Radiant Circuits

Eden Energy Medicine also places a great emphasis on treating the individual.  Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, each of us has our own energy signatures.  Sessions and protocols are tailored to individual need. 






" Our entire bodies are, in fact, continually vibrating at a subtle level, moving energy and information through the connective tissues that encase us…each of us is an exquisite vibration, an intelligent system of energies that support the distinctive qualities that make us human."

— Donna Eden