Skype Testimonials

"Energy is the most precious resource we have available to us!  I discovered that first hand in my work with Sandy.  Until my work with Sandy I kept forgetting that.  I tended to rely on my will power, my determination, my stubbornness to produce results in most all areas of my life.  Recently, when I came down with Bell’s Palsy, I had the most amazing experience that not only healed my Bell’s Palsy ~ it transformed my own relationship to trust, being vulnerable and has left me free and connected to the sourceful, healing energy that is always available to us at any moment.  Sandy is a gifted healer who brings tenderness, care, and integrity to the process of energetic healings.  She evokes trust, love, and being true to oneself in ways that defy language.  I highly recommend enjoying any number of sessions with Sandy!"   JP,  Upstate NY

"I recently survived an unfortunate incident which was followed by several surgeries, infections and more frightening turns. As I was trying to recover in hospital and starting feel pretty blue, a close family member suggested I try a healing session with Sandy by Skype. I'll admit I was  pretty skeptical of energy healing and even more that this could or would work through video conferencing but I was in such discomfort I was open to try anything....

On my very first session with Sandy I immediately started to feel a flow within my body that antibiotics and painkillers had helped distort. After several sessions I was literally helping to treat myself at home and each time Sandy took me to the next level.  I'm very happy to report I'm back to full health and I know I owe a huge part of that to Sandy.  Thank-you!  You should try it, her gift is real, very powerful and you really have nothing to lose!" MF, Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted to say….the other day I was REALLY noticing how CLEAR things are around my right eye... that work we did was TREMENDOUS” ~ BO, Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Faculty Member

"I've had the great fortune of having Sandy work on me on many occasions over the last year. She is extraordinary.  My experience of her is that she is highly intuitive, and she is extremely thorough when she is tracking the energies of a given person. She is incredibly bright and she takes energy work very seriously…. she gives her best in every session, working diligently with people (in my observation) to resolve long-standing issues or to shift resistant energetic patterns. Once she's dialed in the imbalances, she follows up, checks on progress, checks on what shifts have happened, and fine-tunes the homework to get even stronger results. Her work as a practitioner is truly outstanding."  ~ SU, Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Faculty Member

“Recently I found myself having symptoms of exhaustion and confusion and a sense of foreboding was affecting my sleep. I emailed Sandy for some advice and she suggested a Skype session. I have never done healing on Skype and was delighted with the result.  I couldn't believe how well it worked and I felt so much better at once.  Sandy sent me a list of the exercises she had done with me, explanations, and a homework plan.  It was all so easy to understand and I feel back to my old self in two days.  Sandy is great at explaining things and adjusting the program if you need it.  I got huge improvements from the Skype session and found the homework and the email support really useful as well.  Thanks again Sandy."  NS, EFT Practitioner Dublin, Ireland

“I have also had the opportunity for Sandy to do energy work for me on more than one occasion. It was very helpful. She worked gently and clearly. She tracked effectively and creatively. I felt in very capable and loving hands throughout the work. She followed up with me afterwards to check on how I was integrating and experiencing the shifts. The work made a wonderfully healthy difference in my life. I'm delighted to have received her support.”  ~ BA, Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Faculty Member

"Not only can you improve your own health by using energy medicine to uplift the energies in your body, uplifting the energies in your body
affects and uplifts the entire planet."

— Christiane Northrup, M.D.