Ireland Sacred Sites Tour

Daily Itinerary


Each day will include the opportunity for Energy Medicine exercises and afternoon time on your own for shopping, reflection, additional exploring or energy medicine sessions. 

Day 1 - Dublin,  Welcome to Ireland                    

Overnight Dublin

Guests arrive at Dublin and we meet at our Hotel in the heart of the city. If you arrive early you will have time to relax, explore the city and rest before your ‘welcome dinner’ that evening.

Day 2 -  Newgrange & Hill of Tara                                                    

Overnight Trim

Our first day of the tour encompasses the beautiful countryside of the Boyne Valley in County Meath, where we we’ll visit ancient temples, dating earlier than the pyramids of Egypt.  Led by our private guide, we’ll visit Bru na Boinne (Newgrange) Visitor Center to learn about some of Ireland’s most famous Neolithic sites.  We’ll see the Newgrange Megalithic Tomb; an ancient passage tomb dating from 3200 BC. As with many ancient sites it is aligned with the winter solstice sunrise, so that on that one day, the first rays of the sun create a beam of light that enters and shines upon the ancient altar in the center of the temple.  We’ll get to see footage of this unique event, and enter the tomb. 

After lunch, we will visit one of the most powerful sites in all of the Ireland, The Hill of Tara.  Tara was once the ancient seat of power and is associated with kingship rituals where the High Kings of Ireland were crowned. In ancient Irish mythology, Tara was revered as a dwelling place of the Gods and was the entrance to the otherworld.  There will be time for a guided ceremony led by Michelle and Sandy, time to explore the site on your own, or connect with land and spirit in quiet meditation. You can also visit the “Fairy Tree” and leave an offering for the fairies that help make your wishes come true. We will finish our tour with a blessing at the Holy Well of Tara.

Then it is off to the Heritage town of Trim where we book into our hotel for two nights.  We’ll have free time in the afternoon, for shopping and exploring the medieval town of Trim, and we will finish the day with a group dinner.   

Day 3 -  Clonmacnoise, Uisneach, and Fore                                        

Overnight Trim

After a full Irish breakfast we will depart for Clonmacnoise which translates as "Meadow of the Sons of Nós”.  This Early Christian site was founded by St. Ciarán on the banks of the River Shannon and includes the ruins of an early Christian cathedral, seven churches (10th -13th century), two round towers, three high crosses and the largest collection of Early Christian grave slabs in Western Europe.  Then we will travel to Uisneach near Mullingar. Uisneach is the geographic center of Ireland, and has a long history as a ceremonial center.   It is one of the strongest access points to the feminine earth energies on our trip.   We’ll visit two wells, which provide a point of contact between the inner life blood of the earth and her outer surface where we humans mostly live. If we have time we will visit the small town of Fore, known for its. seven wonders. Then it is back to our hotel where we will dine as a group.

Day 4 -  Rathcroghan                                                                         

Overnight Westport

Travelling westwards through the midlands of Ireland we will visit Rathcroghan, County Roscommon.  We’ll be placing ourselves in the hands of a private guide Mike Croghan who says

There is something undeniably magical about Rathcroghan. Here is a landscape that still retains its integrity and power, untouched and majestic. Many ancient sites allude to being in their original state but have in fact been disturbed by archaeologists and developers, fortunately Rathcroghan is different. Whether you are a spiritual pilgrim, a student of myth and legend or simply looking for a place to feel grounded and at one with the land Rathcroghan has something for you.”  

Mike is an experienced archaeologist with an in depth knowledge of the history, mythology and spirituality of the sites in this complex.  

We’ll visit the main burial mound, which is associated with the Goddess Maeve and Queen Maeve, as well as surrounding mounds.  Then we’ll have a special visit to the Caves of the Cat, which evokes a womb connection to feminine energy, and the process of rebirth.  During our afternoon with Mike, we’ll have an opportunity to use divining rods, to test your ability to dowse for ley lines and water bodies. 

From here we travel to Westport a lively town where you can seek out many a sessions (traditional music) in local pubs, which is a delightful town, full of wonderful restaurants and local craft shops.  You’ll have dinner on your own.  Our hotel will have a pool, so bring your suit!

Day 5 –  Doo Lough, Connemara, Kylemore Abbey or Maummean       

Overnight  Westport

In the morning, we’ll have time to further explore Westport after which we embark for the foot of Ireland's Sacred Mountain, Croagh Patrick.  It may be an act of simple devotion that moves over 20,000 people to climb this mountain on the last Sunday in July every year, some still climb in their bare feet!  We will retrace the beginning of the pilgrimage and visit Ireland’s evocative Famine Memorial. 

We continue our journey touring via coach through Doo Lough, a valley where the scenery, energy and isolation is awe inspiring.  There will be time to stop, stretch our legs, take photos, and take in the view.  At this point, we’ll offer our travelers a choice of a Tour of Kylemore Abbey, or a hike up Maumean.

Kylemore Abbey is a stunning 18th century house, gardens and church.  This abbey started its life off as romantic gesture, then became a boarding school for young ladies, and now is a stunning garden, still managed by the Benedictine Order. The gardens are well worth walking,  a jewel in the rustic bog lands.    

Maumean is the location of St Patrick’s well. On this mountain coll (pass) are a small oratory and several pilgrimage stops, each containing one of the stations of the cross. Ascending Maumean we’ll will retrace Patrick’s footsteps. Before St. Patrick’s time, this was a pre-Christian Celtic site, where traditional lunar, harvest and fertility celebrations took place.   We’ll travel back to Westport to relax and soak up the atmosphere of Westport

Day 6 – Aughnanure Castle, St. Bridgid’s Gardens,  Kilmacduagh              

Overnight Kinvara

In the morning we’ll stop off at Aughnanure Castle, where there will be plenty of room to do some energy exercises, put our feet on the grass and take in the castle and forest.  Next up we’ll tour the 4 Celtic gardens, representing the cycle of the year, at Brigit’s Garden where we’ll also enjoy lunch and most likely a short ceremony in the Celtic tradition. 

Our last stop of the day will be Kilmacduagh, which means church of the son of the black man.  The round tower is famous firstly for its tilt, and is also the highest in Ireland.  It has tremendous grounding energy, and it’s a treat to put your back to the tower and harness it, to connect to the energy of heaven and earth.  Weather permitting we’ll participate in a guided meditation.  We’ll have dinner as a group.  

Day 7 – The Burren        

Overnight Kinvara

The Burren is a geological treasure, is known for its barren and rugged beauty, and is Michelle’s favorite place in Ireland.  Here we’ll visit the mystical ruins of Corcomroe Abbey, with time for quiet reflection.  Easter dawn mass was celebrated for many years here by John O Donoghue, author of ‘Anam Cara’.  We’ll also stop in at the Burren Perfumery, where healing lotions, balms and essential oils are produced in the midst of this rugged land.  We have a special treat this day, with an easy walking tour of the Burren lands with Pat Mc Cormack poet, farmer and keeper of ancient ways. 

After our time with Pat, we’ll enjoy the more sites in the Burren including the Sheela Na Gig of Killnaboy and Poulnabrone Dolmen, which means “the hole of sorrows.”  This Dolmen is possibly the most famous of all in Ireland and dates back to 2500 BC.  Then we’ll head back to our seaside town where it may be possible to have a seaweed bath or holistic treatment,   

Dinner will be on your own this evening, with an option to enjoy a traditional banquet at Sandy’s favorite castle, Dunguaire, in Kinvara.. 

Day 8 – St Bridgid’s Well, Cliffs of Moher, Aran Islands

Overnight   Aran Islands

We’ll travel through the Burren to visit this dark womb-like sacred well, dedicated to St. Brigid, goddess and saint whom had potent healing powers.  They say her powers passed into the water of her well.  A white trout has been seen here, and lore has it that if you are lucky enough to see it your prayers made at the well will be answered.  Be careful what you ask for!  Then onward to the glorious cliffs of Moher where we can appreciate how the ancient inhabitants felt ‘when standing at the edge of the world’.   We’ll enjoy a packed lunch on the ferry to Inish Mor, one of the Aran Islands.  Inish Mor has three magnificent ancient stone forts.  We’ll  be visiting  Dun Aongusa Stone Fort, a World Heritage site, which was built at the top of 100 meter ocean side cliff, and have dinner together as a group.  

Day 9 – Aran Islands - Inish Mor & Galway                                                    

Overnight  Galway City

These islands are unique, so today the choice is yours, Explore on bike, bus or walk solo or in mini groups, or participating in a guided shamanic journey at Michelle’s favorite fort, the Black Fort. On Aran there is so much to do,  you can visit the Seven Churches, a 6th century monastic site that remained active up to the 16th century, the worm hole - a natural tidal pool, or just wander amount these miles and miles of walls and  wonderful warm limestone.  The locals will be delighted to chat to your in their native Irish language.  By 4pm we will be boarding the ferry, to head to Galway where we spend our last night together and have our farewell dinner.

Day 10 – Galway and onward

We’ll gather as a group for our last breakfast together and settle each of you for the next stage of your journey.  Michelle and Sandy will be available until noon to assist you in getting to your next destination, or to visit and have coffee.