Session Information

Duration:  90 minutes

Cost::  $100 US

Payment Options:  Check, cash or PayPal payments

Method:  In Person or via Skype!    

An Energy Medicine session is customized for each client.
Wear comfortable clothes and come well hydrated!  During a session, I will assesses your energy systems and identify imbalances. I will then use a variety of methods to activate energy flow to bring more energy where it is needed, and
to release energy where it is built up or blocked.  This may include tapping, massaging, or holding specific energy points on the skin; tracing or swirling the hand over specific energy pathways; or teaching you exercises designed to strengthen your energy flow.

I will also suggest energy exercises to help you reinforce the patterns we have restored in our session.  The stronger your commitment is to your daily exercises, the more successful our work together will be. 

After an energy session you may experience a sense of deep relaxation, a reduction of  symptoms or pain, contentment, improved sleep, elevated mood, decrease of persistent negative emotions, or increased energy.

Refer a Friend!

  • Refer a friend and get $15 off your next session. 
  • Have your friend notify me of the referral upon booking the appointment.  After the session has been conducted and paid, I will apply a $15 credit to your next appointment.


I am available for private sessions during the following times (Central Time):

  • Tuesday:  9 to 5 pm
  • Wednesday: 9 to 7 pm
  • Thursday:  9 to 7 pm
  • Friday:  9 to 6 pm
  • Saturday 9 to 2 pm

On occasion, I may be available outside these timeframes.   Feel free to ask.