About Sandy

I was drawn to Eden Energy Medicine in 2006 for relief of my life-long struggle with depression and axiety.  I tried many approaches to managing my depression over the years, including therapy, yoga, meditation, medication, dietary changes, naturopathy and exercise.  Although each contributed an important aspect to my healing journey, I was unable to find sustained relief. 

During a particularly difficult period, which combined depression and anxiety with chronic fatigue and adrenal exhaustion, I discovered Donna Eden’s work and found that it helped me release layers of stress, grief, anger, and overwhelm.  It wasn't until I released them and reinforced positive patterns in my energy systems that I was able to heal.  Not only did I find relief and am now depression-free for several years, I also discovered my passion to become a certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and help others transform their lives with greater health, joy and vitality. 

I completed the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in February 2011, and continue my studies.  I am currently designated as an EEM - Clinical Practitioner, and am finishing up my Advanced Practitioner requirements, therefore I can provide Basic Grid and Regression sessions at this time.   In addtion I am an Authorized EEM 101 & 102 instructor, and am completing my requirements to be an Authorized Foundations instructor. 

I spent the first year of my life in Duluth, Minnesota and the remainder of my childhood in Upstate New York. I have also lived in Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, Alaska and Colorado. I found my way back to Minnesota in 1993, where parallel to pursuing my ongoing interest in personal and spiritual transformation, I have worked in Information Technology.  I have a BA in Political Science from University of Arizona where I graduated Cum Laude.  Yoga, energy work, animals, music, singing, sailing, nature and brussell sprouts are some of things that I love.  I am also a Certified Yoga Instructor.

" Shifting an energy field can often trump preprogrammed biological strategies. Just like a radio signal creates the physical vibrations that result in the sounds that come through a speaker, chaning an energy field exerts a domino effect on the body's chemistries."

— Donna Eden