“ This past spring, I went to my energy session with an open mind and an aching neckSandy was informative, respectful, and nothing short of miraculous! After months of discomfort with neck pain and recurring migraines, I have remained pain free for the entire summer.  I marvel at how good I feel physically and emotionally.”    LK, Roseville, Minnesota

"I've had the great fortune of having Sandy work on me on many occasions over the last year. She is extraordinary.  My experience of her is that she is highly intuitive, and she is extremely thorough when she is tracking the energies of a given person. She is incredibly bright and she takes energy work very seriously…. she gives her best in every session, working diligently with people (in my observation) to resolve long-standing issues or to shift resistant energetic patterns. Once she's dialed in the imbalances, she follows up, checks on progress, checks on what shifts have happened, and fine-tunes the homework to get even stronger results. Her work as a practitioner is truly outstanding."  ~ SU, Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Faculty Member

“I want to thank you. Your work has just been amazing. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt better. On Saturday I was….thinking that I don’t think I’ve ever felt this well. I felt really grounded centered, serene – I liked who I was. A lot of the compulsivity and thoughts that were disturbing were not there anymore. Today I still feel good and I had an amazing weekend….Sandy is the greatest healer I have ever met.”  EN, St. Paul, MN

"My session with you was nothing but amazing and I've been using some of the tools to reduce my anxiety.  Many were very helpful to know during my trip making my family interactions easier….The clearing of my 3rd chakra was especially powerful for me.  I used to feel a very sharp and severe panic/anxiety especially in the early mornings upon waking.  That is now much less apparent and severe.  I rarely wake at 3am anymore.  When I do feel the anxiety, it feels much different and I can often breathe a few clearing breaths, massage my K27s and shift my condition.  It's unbelievable how much the chakra clearing and the adrenal and navel figure 8s are helping.  It's hard to put into words, but I feel more confident, focused and grounded."  LR, Minneapolis, MN

"I first met Sandy at an intensive healing workshop where I had an adverse reaction to the energy dynamic and was suffering worsening physical and emotional symptoms.  Nothing I did was helping and I was exhausted, scared and confused. I started talking to Sandy socially and mentioned how I felt, being very negative.  She at once offered to help, and I am embarrassed to say was summarily rejected! Of course her easy understanding manner had me agreeing to some testing in a few moments. She quickly determined that my aura was detached and that's why nothing was working for me.  After a full day’s work she gave me a session there and then and came before breakfast the next morning to give me another one.  The results were immediate, I was able to enjoy the workshop and go home in good form." NS,  EFT Practitioner Dublin, Ireland

"I'm still adjusting to the new 'balance' I am experiencing, but it feels supportive…..I am soooooo glad to be working with you. The sessions I've had so far are phenomenal!!!! I love that you actually are able to pinpoint things so specifically using the kinesiology - and that it works!”  CL, Yoga Instructor & Global Somatic Therapy Practitioner, Minneapolis, MN

" I had never experienced an energy session before coming to Sandy. I felt a profound sense of wellbeing under her strong yet gentle touch. I felt the energy flow right down to my toes. Sandy taught me exercises I can use anywhere anytime."   KF, Graphic Designer

"Not only can you improve your own health by using energy medicine to uplift the energies in your body, uplifting the energies in your body
affects and uplifts the entire planet."

— Christiane Northrup, M.D.