Welcome to Anamchara Healing Arts, a holistic healing practice in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area, joyfully centered on Eden Energy Medicine (EEM).  As described by Donna Eden, EEM is “the science and art of optimizing your energies to help your body and mind function at their best.”  It is also a powerful means to accelerate healing and move you forward on your path of transformation. 

I discovered Eden Energy Medicine in my own quest for physical and emotional healing. It has been the single most powerful and life changing tool I have encountered.  So much so, that it has inspired me to share the work with others as a means of opening up new avenues for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Anamchara is a Celtic word meaning Soul Friend.  In the Celtic tradition, a soul friend is one who helps and guides you on your journey.  Eden Energy Medicine is founded on the ancient knowledge (and more increasingly modern acceptance) that our health is directly linked to the harmony and flow of our subtle energy systems.  I look forward to helping on your journey for health, vitality, and joy. 

In our sessions I will help you to bring balance and harmony by:

  • assessing and removing energy blockages
  • activating your body’s natural healing energies
  • restoring optimal energy patterns, and releasing unfavorable patterns or emotions
  • teaching you about your own energy systems and empowering you with simple, safe self healing techniques
  • creating a safe and sacred environment for your healing



Sandy Shipp, Anamchara Healing Arts
Founder & Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

• Stress management
• Create emotional well being
• Increase energy
• Pain management

• Strengthen the immune

• Eliminate headaches, neck
  and back pain

• Support cancer care
• Promote sound sleep
• Ease acute and chronic
• Pre and Post operative
Calm anxiety and
Inspire spiritual & personal